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02-Aug-2018 07:54

But the worker, who was identified as Isaac Doughty, told Vice again that it wasn't an option and he was going to take a shower.'No, the hell I'm not - I'm going to do what the nurse told me to do,' Vice believes he responded, he told Buzzfeed.Doughty then grabs him around the middle and with another worker hauls him into the closest open room - out of view of the camera.

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One third of that amount comes from taxpayer dollars.

The impact was so hard vice said he is surprised he didn't paralyze his leg.

However Doughty told Buzzfeed he didn't do anything wrong in the encounter.

His hospital records say Vice was a 'violent' teenager with 'severe and dangerous agitation,' but his therapist said that he was repeatedly assaulted at the facility and said staff members would purposely antagonize him.

Vice said while he was there he felt like he was under attack, and like they didn't care.

The video then shows Doughty walk towards Vice with his finger in the air before bringing both of his hands around Vice's neck and slamming him into the wall.