Norton 360 not updating virus definitions

14-Jan-2018 06:30

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You must log into the remote machine via one of it's local terminals and point it's kermit at the appropriate serial line connected to the AMIGA.Author: Unknown, but it is so hacked up it doesn't matter by now. Author: Mike Schwartz mandel A Mandelbrot set program.Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 keyboard Sample program to demonstrate direct communications with the keyboard.Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 layers Shows use of the layers library, used by Intuition to create windows (layers handles all overlapping drawing areas and keeps things straight, sending to the back, bringing to the front, making larger/smaller, etc.) Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 mandelbrot Latest and greatest mandelbrot program. Author: John Draper (Aka "crunch") gfxmem Graphical memory usage display program. John worked REAL hard to dig out all the information in this one! Author: Mike Schwartz cc Unix-like frontend for Lattice C compiler. Author: Louis Mamakos halfbrite Sample program that demonstrates "Extra-Half-Brite" mode on latter AMIGA's with new VLSI chip. Author: Charlie Heath trackdisk Demonstrates use of the trackdisk driver. Author: Rob Peck requesters Sample program and documentation for building and using requesters. Author: David Lucas CONTENTS OF DISK 2 ================== alib Object module librarian.Author: Robert French, with additions by RJ Mical CONTENTS OF DISK 5 ================== cons Console device demo program with supporting macro routines.

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Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 Printer support routines.

Author: Fred Fish make Subset of "unix" make command.

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