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27-Nov-2017 17:54

Since 1993, SAS has operated as one of the few free-standing campus offices serving victims of sexual assault, stalking, and dating/partner violence.

We also operate a three-tiered Peer Support Program composed of students who serve as peer educators, companions, and advocates.He thought that Masons accepted all gods of all religions and that Masons swore an oath to a “Supreme Being” instead of recognizing Jesus Christ as the sole Lord and Savior of mankind. ” A small firestorm erupted among those who were Masons. Masons recognize a “Supreme Being” which includes the gods of all religions from Taoism to Hinduism to Islam and to everything in between.I was shocked to discover that we had Masons seeded throughout the church. As I began my research, I discovered that compared to Christianity, there were a number of things that bothered me. According to Masonry, different religions all acknowledge the same god, only they call him by different names.It bothers me that while Christians believe that all men and women are born in sin and need a savior (Romans ; ; and John and John ), Masons teach that man is not sinful, just imperfect, and that he can improve his standing before God by living a good life while performing good works for the community and being merciful to others.

In other words, it bothers me that in Christianity, salvation can be gained only by placing faith in Jesus and in His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection to forgive all sins (John and ), while Masons teach that salvation can be gained by man’s good works.

Because our program is so unique, we are often called upon by other campuses across the country to share our expertise.