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In 2011 he changed his shirt for Naturhouse La Rioja.In both teams he showed excellent scoring records and consolidated as one of the world’s most effective left laterals.He began his professional work in the Pallamano Conversano, where he earned a Coppa Italia and Handball Trophy in 2009.He immediately joined the BM Ciudad Encantada, in the Asobal League, in Spain, the strongest in the world.The Qataris, as hosts, welcomed as their own several foreign players during 2014, of which 11 from eight nations, joined the handball team.But among them the Cuban shone, fifth best scorer in the tournament.

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Meanwhile Michael Bravet and Carlos Mirabal play in Brazil but have nationality of the Dominican Republic.

A few weeks ago Maricet managed to get in the main Spanish league, even though days after that the option was frustrated by problems of contract.

Those are some of the Cuban handball, active, writing their stories in different geographies.

This is a summary of the pilgrimage of Rafael da Costa Capote.

But he is not the only distant from their homeland.But they decided to leave our country and make a living away from home, before approving the law allowing contracting out.

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