Dns records updating

07-Jan-2018 21:28

This happens because, without a DNS suffix configured for the client computer, it determines the configured short name of a computer (such as host-a) is its fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

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For other types of computers, you can deploy Windows Server 2008 DHCP servers, which can perform proxied registrations and updates as needed for nondynamic clients.

At the DNS server that loads the applicable primary zone, modify zone properties to allow updates. If you are using Active Directory–integrated zones, verify that the DNS server is running as a domain controller and that it has access to the Active Directory database where zone data is stored. If you are trying to determine which server is the primary server for a standard zone, review zone authority records to determine which server is referenced in both the start of authority (SOA) and name server (NS) resource records for the zone.

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