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27-Jun-2018 15:49

However, love addicts use sex as a tool for hooking and/or holding on to a romantic partner, whereas sex addicts typically do the opposite, using the lure of romance to obtain a sexual partner.

In short, love addicts are chasing escape and dissociation via romantic fantasy and activity, while sex addicts are chasing escape and dissociation via sexual fantasy and activity.

Sometimes men choose to talk about their romantic issues in sexual terms, much as women tend to talk about their sexual issues in romantic terms.

In the interest of brevity, however, I will focus here on the three primary indicators.

They are as follows: Love addicts sometimes look and act quite a bit like sex addicts – engaging in lots of sex with lots of people.

In this ephemeral relationship stage the other person seems endlessly fascinating, and his or her character flaws (the things that eventually become bothersome) are easily ignored, mostly thanks to the release of dopamine, along with oxytocin, serotonin, adrenaline and various other endorphins, into the rewards center of the brain.

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Importantly, this neurochemical reaction matches the neurochemical surge wrought by addictive sexual fantasy/activity and drugs of abuse.I do care about her, but I was never satisfied with just her. On the day we got married, I actually had more feelings for her maid of honor than for her. I’m with my wife, but I’m constantly falling in love with some other woman.